so, you want to know about us? yay!
it all started with our friend scarlett.
scarlett had this amazing idea:
raise money for rescue animals through portraits and drawing
she named it:
now it is our mission to make draw for paws a reality.
a BIG reality.
because we love animals, we love to draw, and we love scarlett.
annabelle fisher
founding friend

hi, i'm annabelle.

here are a few things you should know about me.

1. i'm an animal lover. i like every animal from puppies to red eyed tree frogs.

2. i love to draw. i find it really relaxing.

3. i'm monkey bar crazy!!! my hands get major blisters.

grace frieder
founding friend

hi, i am grace.

i am 8 years old. i am in third grade. i have two brothers, a sister and a dog named cooper. in my free time i like to make crafts and play sports. my favorite animal is a white lion. my favorite color is turquoise.

tate shalov
founding friend

hi, i'm tate.

i love soccer, pokemon, sleepovers and how to train your dragon. i have an older sister, twin brothers and a dog named major.

who is scarly?

the original scarly bunny was drawn by scarlett herself. scarly is now a symbol of love that lives on in honor of scarlett. she inspires us.

what we want you to know about scarly

we hope she inspires you, too!

Love, The ScarlySquad
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